Michael Batty & Chris Shier | The Moth and the Flame

February 17 – March 18

Opening reception: Thursday, February 16, 6-9pm


The Moth and the Flame explores the Internet Art concern around formal language and its linear relationship to painting in a new modern era. There is a clear connection between Shier’s moving trochoidal images and geometric Penrose tiles with Michael Batty’s large-scale paintings of an interconnected lattice and tumbling darts.

Batty uses these two styles to contrast the kinetics of stasis and motion. The first is a latticed work that evokes the charged presence of a quantum shimmer compared with the colourful tumbling darts beholden to Newtonian parameters. Both have movement but one is characteristically familiar and the other notably discreet.

This quantum/Newtonian paradox is held within each moving image created by Shier. Pixelated micro-movement describes the postural changes of the algorithm for the digitally generated effect. Differing scales of movement draw the viewer to observe painting’s metaphorical rendering and the digital platform’s demonstration of the photoelectric effect.