Michael Love | Between Ideology and Ruin

September 10 - October 8, 2016

Pigment print
40 x 50 in

The exhibition presents an expansive photographic series of Cold War architectural remains in North America and Europe. Photographed over the past decade, the images weave an intricate, layered chronicle that serves as a visual archive, and call into question the structures and their underlying ideological frameworks. Advancements in warfare, such as the Trinity nuclear test in 1945, motivated international struggles for dominance. The ensuing development of defence networks generated architectural languages that expressed, in forthright and subtle ways, the political, economic, and psychological conditions spurred by the Cold War. Love’s photographs of fallout shelters, military installations, bunkers, and other related sites, record these locations while drawing attention to their present states of use, decay or repurposing. The work considers the historical weight of these structures and inevitably their unrealized functions. Between Ideology and Ruin explores the inner workings of the Cold War conflict, giving us access to locations that were inaccessible or hidden. Through the photographic survey, the work aims to create a visual understanding of the sites and their physical and ontological transformation through time—how structures stand as markers in time and as mementos of a conflict that continue to resonate to this day.