Todd Tedeschini | Landscape is a Witness

October 13 – November 12, 2016

Advanced Nostalgia
10 x 8 x 10 in

Franc Gallery presents new work by Todd Tedeschini in his first exhibition in almost a decade. The paintings, sculptures and artist books comment on the materiality of the analogue era and its unique language. The digital age has persuaded us to peer beyond the surface in order to grasp the first instance of data. Our screens’ surfaces function best when nullified, and this familiar sensibility runs antithetical to the selection of meditative and solemn paintings on board by the artist. Tedeschini has loaded the surface of these paintings with information, accentuated by the subtle and sometimes patterned use of colour. Pointedly addressing the demise of analogue technology, the architecture-inspired assemblages encompass no-longer-needed cassette tapes, players, receivers and recorders. Broken mirrors feature frequently throughout the series, creating an unnerving allegory of lost hindsight and distorted future. Artist books collaged with print media are placed under glass for observation as evidence of former gatekeepers of the personal and social landscape. Inspired by music and film, Tedeschini creates a series that connects visual form with a social reality, merging the high art of painting and sculpture with the low art of found objects and collage. The work has a material honesty that is associated with these analogue platforms, which distrusts the digital process that lies at arm’s length from the handmade. Tedeschini conjures the end of an era, using as tools the tragedy associated with loss of a communicative platform, and nostalgia for the texture of a time now past.