Witchcraft | Laura Brothers, Sara Ludy, Brenna Murphy and Krist Wood

Curated by Nicolas Sassoon
February 19 – March 21, 2015

Opening reception: Thursday, February 19
6-9 pm
Performance by MSHR @ 7 pm


Witchcraft is a group exhibition with four American artists – Laura Brothers, Sara Ludy, Brenna Murphy and Krist Wood – examining notions of craftsmanship, personal mythologies and spiritual queries within the online realm.

Computer systems and networks in the 21st century are creating a seismic shift in the human experience, affecting how we create, organize and extend identities both individually and as a society. Within this shift, artists engage with pervasive technologies to convey digital impressions on primeval questions of identity, spirituality and virtuosity.

Within the exhibition, Sara Ludy creates beaded vessels for otherworldly entities, Laura Brothers portrays digital expressions of arcane figures, Krist Wood elaborates composite images of transfixing dreams, and Brenna Murphy unfolds the vernacular structures of a meditative practice.

Curated by Nicolas Sassoon, this exhibition brings a unique contemporary outlook on one of the most compelling areas of Internet Art. Witchcraft offers a conversation between four major artists on the applications of the digital in the construct of allegorical and spiritual identities.